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September 2014: Chimneys
Ask The Inspector

Ask The Inspector

Chimney Inspections

Q. What does an inspector comment if a chimney cap is in place and they can’t inspect the flue?

A. chimney cap is often required in order to keep animals and debris out of the chimney and to prevent deterioration of the chimney liner (see the “Be Advised” section of this issue of The Inspector for more information on chimney caps). But when a chimney cap is in place, it can hinder a home inspector’s ability to inspect the chimney.

In cases where a chimney cap is in place and the inspector can’t inspect the chimney, the inspector will note on the report something like, “Unable to inspect the chimney flue from exterior due to presence of chimney cap. Very limited observation from the interior.”

If you want the chimney and liner professionally inspected, you should call a professional chimney sweep for an inspection.

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